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Night guards are for people who grind or clench their teeth during sleep. Other mouthguards are for sports or other activities. They cushion the teeth and jaws, reducing the risk of damage and promoting dental health.

Mouth Guards

Custom Mouthguards should be a part of every Athlete’s Equipment. If you or your child plays a contact sport, Custom Mouthguards can protect you, your team, or your child from dental injuries.

Night Guard

If you wake up some mornings and find that you have a headache, your jaw is sore, or your teeth are sensitive or loose, you have likely been grinding or clenching your teeth all night. You may have also noticed that your teeth are shorter than they used to be. This is common in 1 out of 10 adults, and it is time to consider a night guard.

Protect your smile—it's your health and happiness in one!

A nightguard serves many different purposes:

  • Forms a layer of protection between your top and bottom teeth
  • Provides a softer cushion designed to be worn down over time instead of your teeth
  • Provides your jaw with a different position to rest in, which is therapeutic for your muscles
  • Offers full support for your jaw because it is custom-made for your smile
  • Allows your jaw to move naturally. If it is locked, it only allows movement in your jaw joint. This is even more uncomfortable and dysfunctional.

Teeth clenching and grinding don’t always happen at night. One of the causes is stress, so some people will unknowingly do so while driving or at work. In this case, they may need a grinding guard for preventative measures.

Dental Chair
Custom Mouthguard

Athletes of all skill levels must wear mouthguards as a precautionary measure. This gear can prevent injuries. They include chipped or broken teeth, damage to roots and bones, and even tooth loss. Mouthguards are also effective in preventing severe injuries. Athletes can also benefit from mouthguards. 

They protect the mouth’s soft tissue from cuts and bruises.

To ensure optimal performance, a good sports mouthguard should meet several criteria. It must be protective, comfortable, resilient, tear-resistant, tasteless, and excellent retention and fit. Additionally, it should have minimal impact on breathing and speaking.

At Smiles on Essa Dental, we offer three types of mouthguards for athletes.

  • stock mouthguards
  • mouth-formed mouthguards
  • custom-fitted mouthguards


Stock mouthguards come pre-formed and are the least expensive. Stock mouthguards provide the worst fit and are less comfortable and protective.

Mouth-formed mouthguards come in two types – shell liner or boil-and-bite. They fit better than stock mouthguards. But, they may still be bulky and lack ideal protection.

Custom-fitted mouthguards offer the highest level of comfort and protection. Custom-fitted is made from a cast of your teeth, ensuring a precise fit. We create custom-fitted mouthguards at our clinic. We make them by taking an impression of your teeth and using it as a mould.

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