Summer Camps at the Dentist!

Welcome to an unforgettable summer experience at our dentist’s office!

Join us for our exciting summer camps, where kids aged 5-12 will embark on a dental adventure like no other. Our camps are scheduled for

  • Tuesday, July 16th
  • Thursday, July 24th
  • Tuesday, August 13th
  • Thursday, August 15th
  • Thursday, August 22nd

All camps run from 10 am to 12 pm.

At our camps, fun is the cornerstone of every dental visit. That’s why we’ve designed our programs to prioritize fun. They also introduce children to the world of dentistry. We aim to make dental care educational and fun. We will do this through engaging activities, interactive sessions, and hands-on experiences.

Sugar Bugz Be Gone Camp Group Photo

Our team is committed to creating a positive and welcoming environment at Smiles on Essa Dental. It’s a place where kids can feel relaxed and empowered to take control of their dental health. Our camps provide a playful and supportive atmosphere, giving children a full introduction to dental care.

Join us this summer for an adventure filled with smiles, laughter, and new discoveries. Let’s transform dental visits into something your child will eagerly look forward to, making their summer a truly memorable one!

Upcoming Events

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